Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Good Wishes #30 & 31...

I've been a little slow on posting the wishes I've received, so I have to play catch up. I have several more than what I'm posting today, that I will post later on.

The wish below is from Robin of Buckeyes and Eggrolls. I love the poem she chose for this page...it's just perfect for the situation. Robin says she not a crafty person, but I think this page is so pretty with the heart doiley and tag with Lauren initials. Thank you so much, Robin!! On another note, I'm one step closer to sending out your quilt square...I actually bought the fabric this past weekend. Shouldn't be long now. ;)

This next page is from Wanda, a fellow Lady Bug Hunter Scrapbook Club member and, more importantly, a Precious Panda sister. Wanda has such a knack for scrapbooking and she puts together such great pages for our club exchanges each month. I love the colors and ribbon accents she used on this page. I also love the little "Fastenator" staple she used on the ribbon that says "sweet". That's a scrapbooking toy I don't have yet, but I'm sure I'll be picking it up at Michaels or Joannes with a coupon soon enough. Wanda, thank you so much for this wish and the beautiful saying.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Good Wishes #28 & 29...

A great big thank you goes out to Shannon and her cutie pie sons for creating this adorable page. I love the little baby footprint embellishment and that she included a photo on the page. The wishes are just perfect, I especially like "May you always work like you don't need money, love like you've never been hurt, and dance like no one's watching."

Shannon also sent me some wonderful poems and some extra stickers for making my own pages. Thank you so much for contributing to Lauren's book!

Another big thank you to Sandy of Waiting for Chloe for this oh so pretty page. Love the color combination, the floral paper, and the flower and dragonfly embellishments! Sandy, thank you very much for creating this page...I just love it!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Good Wishes #26 & #27...

Check out this beautiful wish from Elise of Liptacks and Ladybugs. The colors, cranberry and green, are my favorites and I love the pretty background paper with the bamboo, bird, and flowers! It's such a nice touch how the flower embellishments match the background paper and I love the little Chinese coin...so cute! Elise, thank you so much for this lovely wish!

The adorable two page spread below is from my friend Amy and her daughter Emily. I have always loved classic Pooh bear and quotes from A.A. Milne. The classic Pooh embellishments are so totally cute and I love their wish that Lauren discover the joy of reading. Amy and Emily were part of the group that threw me a book shower for Lauren this past December, so their wish is very fitting. Thank you guys, I love the layout...it will be a perfect addition to my wishes album!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Good Wish #25

Wish #25 brings me 1/4 of the way to my ultimate goal of 100 Good Wishes! This wish is from Stephe, Giorgia's momma, who shares the same DTC and LID dates as us. She's also with our agency, A Helping Hand, and will be in our China travel group!

Check out this totally gorgeous page! She did this on the computer and used the photo from her blog header of Giorgia's baby dolls...sooo cute! The little butterflies are cut-outs and their wings pop off the page.

Thank you so much Stephe!! I LOVE this page!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Good wishes #23 & 24...

Check out Lauren's latest good wishes page from Catherine, of Waiting for Hannah, all the way from Canada!

Thank you so much Catherine, I love the design of your page with Lauren's name in circles around the curve...very cute!

I also received a page from Pam, one of my co-workers at the City. Check out the adorable little ladybugs and the pretty flowers she made. There's a little flap on the page and it says "special delivery" inside...very cute. Pam, thank you so much for creating this page, I love it.

Both these pages are in Lauren's album, which is REALLY coming along. I love flipping through the pages and looking at all the good wishes!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Good Wish #22

Jacquie, thank you SO much for the adorable wish page with your furbabies. Winston and Jack are always so photogenic and are just too cute on this page. I also love the wish "Whether your friends have four legs or two, we wish for you to have loyal friends throughout your life." Lauren will love this page!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Wish from Salt Lake City...

Ok Lisa, I thought you didn't scrapbook, but I think you're trying to pull a fast one because this page is SUPER cute! How adorable are those little flower embellishments that just happen to match perfectly with the patterned paper I sent you.

Check out this page from my good blogger buddy Lisa, of Tate-r-Bug.

I also had to show you the picture on Lisa's return address label because it's so cute...it's her, Tate, and furbaby, Mesa. How adorable...where do I get these?

Lisa, THANK YOU so much for this beautiful page to add to Lauren's Wish Book. My collection is growing and growing!